Sexpert Emily Morse

Sexpert Emily Morse is on a mission to help the world have better sex

My first impression of Emily Morse was that she is just a slight little thing with wild long curly brown hair. She emanates that “best friend” vibe. Emily is the kind of girl you want to watch countless episodes of […]

Katzenberg Pavilions

Jeffrey Katzenberg: Mogul on a mission – Part II

Part 1 can be read here. Ready to Take a Gamble Katzenberg grew up in Manhattan, the son of an artist mother and a stockbroker father. By the time he was 14, he was volunteering for John Lindsay’s successful mayoral […]

Jeffrey Katzenberg - Photo by Jeff Hare

Jeffrey Katzenberg: Mogul on a mission – Part I

My big mistake, upon arriving at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s office, is that I didn’t bring my ballet slippers. But no one really told me about the choreography of a visit here, in which Katzenberg’s vassals at DreamWorks Animation, the company he […]


Jaime Murray’s ‘Defiance’: ‘be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn’

There is a lot more to Jaime Murray than meets the eye  . . . of course, she is gorgeous. And yes, she is currently starring in the new SyFy series Defiance (she is also well-known for her arcs on […]


Sting on music, God, tantra and the awesome mystery of the Universe

Gordon Sumner, aka Sting, is as compelling a thinker, a spiritual seeker and liver of life as he is a musician. He approaches the world as he does his craft – profoundly, innocently, with a raw sense of “beginners mind” […]


Nancy O’Dell, natural-born storyteller

With Internet gossip sites popping up faster than Starbucks, the legitimacy of the entertainment journalism field proves more questionable than in years past. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nancy O’Dell, the Emmy Award-winning entertainment journalist known for […]

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