Fox TV Studios’ David Madden: Art v. Commerce

I met David Madden about a decade ago when I was a VP at State Street Pictures at Fox. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and are currently in the process of selling a show together.  He is the President […]

Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies: Art is the highest form of worship

I got a chance to catch up with Daniel recently at home when he came back for one of his usual twenty-four hour weekend visits with the family. Daniel and my husband did an NBC pilot together years ago and […]

PJ Shapiro

P.J. Shapiro: Hollywood’s advocate on a quest for peace

It’s 1:00pm on a Thursday, close to the end of another hectic week at arguably Hollywood’s most powerful entertainment law firm, Ziffren Brittenham. I’m sitting with P.J. Shapiro, Ziffren’s co-managing partner. We sit in his top floor, corner office in […]

Tom Sherak

Tom Sherak: The heart and soul of Hollywood

Yesterday, January 28, 2014, another iconic star was immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While this particular cement tribute came far too late for those long aware of the man whose name it bears, it was cast just in […]

Melissa Rivers

Up close & personal with Melissa Rivers

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa Rivers (executive producer of E! Entertainment’s Fashion Police, star of We TV’s Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?) as her publicist for over a decade. We met each other shortly after each […]

Happy New Year

Hollywood Journal’s Hopes for 2014

How Hollywood can make the world a better place in 2014… More original content, more chances on new voices, more stepping outside of the box and actually starting to make movies again, instead of just talking about making movies. – […]

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