I ♥ L.A.

The thing is I love Los Angeles. I was born here, went to college here and have made my life here. I’ve lived all over the city from the San Gabriel Valley, where I grew up, to the Marina, where […]


My A-list proposal

People always ask me… “Jon, what made you fall in love with writing comedy?” Okay, maybe nobody really cares to ask that, but in all honestly I believe comedy found me. Throughout my 31 years of living on this lovely […]


Screw high school reunions

This past week was my high school reunion. I didn’t go. Because high school reunions are stupid. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but when I realized that ten years after graduating high school that I wouldn’t be flying back in […]


How being a Hollywood assistant prepared me for motherhood

I had big Hollywood dreams to become a writer and director.  When I moved out to Hollywood fifteen years ago to pursue my dreams, the only job I could find was as a receptionist juggling seven phone lines.  I then […]

Paper bag

How I became “The untitled shit in a bag” guy

Everyone in Hollywood has his or her own story. How they ‘broke’ into this crazy business. How they shoved their foot through the proverbial door. So, what’s my story? Well, mine involves a fictitious brown lunch sack of human excrement. […]


…And on the seventh day, God created the Super Bowl

God Bless the Super Bowl. This momentous occasion is not just an event. Calling the Super Bowl a “holiday” brings us closer to the truth but it still does not touch on the holiness of all that is football, this […]

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