Will he know what this is regarding?

A Radio Play in One Act RING, RING. ASSISTANT Little Pisher Agent’s Office. Please hold. HOLD MUSIC PLAYS ASST Yes, who are you holding for? JC Hello, this is Julia Chasman calling for Little Pisher. Is he available? ASST I’m […]


And the “Golden Beeper Award” goes to . . .

If only there were a real ceremony where PAs received a coveted Golden Beeper Award for excellence in their field. The ceremony could be held in an annex in the corner of the lot somewhere. They could come dressed in […]


‘The Big Lebowski’ or The Large Koslowski?

I should be writing right now . . . Only, writing is really hard. At least any sort of good writing is. People think that being a writer means gold explodes out of your mouth and to your fingers in […]


Prescription: get off Facebook

I was at Passover Seder last night and the young man sitting next to me was a nice, Jewish doctor. Don’t worry single ladies looking for a nice, Jewish doctor . . . I got his number for you. The […]


10 foolproof strategies to definitely, maybe make it in Hollywood

All the time young college students who don’t know any better are asking me, “Hey, Jessica, how do I make it in the entertainment industry? How can I get a job as a writer’s assistant like the one you used […]


I’ve forgotten why
I love movies

It’s true. I’ve been slacking on my movie-watching skills lately. And that’s a sad thing to admit being that I work in this industry. Being that I write scripts for people. It’s a kind of shameful thing to admit. It’s […]

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