Wild bear

My search for inspiration nearly got me eaten by a bear

Finding inspiration is a catalyst for transcendence, whether you’re a writer, an artist, or even a Federal Express driver delivering a package. Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night was inspired by a dream. Maya Angelou was inspired by a teacher, and […]


5 hot tips for crushing your television staffing meeting

You’ve worked your ass off as an assistant, made some strong connections, or you’re just a wildly talented, barrel-chested, Latvian playwright like myself. Now you’ve got your shot to meet with a showrunner for a TV staff writing job. Here […]


“In the jungle, the mighty jungle”

I abhor The Lion King like a constipated man abhors cheap toilet paper. I know, I know, for those of you who are Disney freaks out there this is tantamount to pissing on Walt’s grave . . . or something. (Stop lying […]


The free rewrite

Dear Aspiring Writer, Most people who want to become screen and television writers believe that their path to stardom will fall via some version of the following: – Write kick ass script. Add aliens, big guns, bikinis, and Electronic dance […]


Midnight run

Here’s a little story about old school Hollywood that took place last century. It was a time when texting and googling weren’t part of our everyday lives, and if you needed to make a call from the top of Mulholland […]


The chair! The chair! The chair!

I hate being compared to a chair. And who doesn’t? After I was hired for my first real executive gig, my new supervisor took me to lunch to offer me, as he said, ‘the straight dope.’ I appreciated the gesture. […]

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