Selling a pilot one pager

Step 2: Writing a one-pager

If you’re reading this second installment about selling a pilot in Hollywood, then either you A) like me, even though you have no idea who I really am. B) You’re a frustrated writer working as an Uber driver hoping for […]

Selling a pilot

Step 1: Selling a pilot (and you didn’t hear it from me)

First off, I’m not Dave Addison. I’ve changed most of the names here to protect the innocent – namely my career as a television writer. This town is small and I can’t bite the hand that feeds me. Or at […]

Making a list

Making a list, checking it twice

The amazing thing about time is that it moves so slow, yet always too fast. Here we are again – another year having flown by. Christmas creeping up on us like a freight train without a conductor. It seems every […]

Successful friend

How to survive when your friends become more famous than you

You’ve been pounding the pavement hard ever since you graduated with honors from one of the nation’s top theater colleges ten years ago. It’s been a tough road, but after thousands of dollars in therapy and several “spiritual” programs you’re […]

Hit and run

A funny thing happened on the way to LA County Hospital…

I came to Los Angeles from a small, unremarkable suburb in Illinois. My writing career was moving along when the unthinkable happened: my friend and I were hit by a car as pedestrians. I went flying and hit a parked […]


So, you just got laid off, huh?

You may have recently seen that Film District is taking over Focus Features. That sound you hear is the uproar of an army of auteurs and Criterion nerds crying afoul from their Landmark Theaters! But this is the state of […]

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