Super Bowl Oscars

Super Bowl XLIX-Oscar Guide (Highroller Edition)

Super Bowl XLIX (or as I call it, Super Bowl Ex-Licks) – a day that shall live in infamy. And by infamy, I mean daytime drinking, excessive consumption of carby snacks, and of course, gambling! The Super Bowl should be declared […]


Hollywood: Pitching the political divide

Int. Office – day Doug Eboch and Ken Aguado sit at a conference table, brainstorming ideas for the second edition of their book, The Hollywood Pitching Bible. It’s not going well. DOUG (frustrated) I’m just saying, Bible is already in […]

Selling a pilot

Step 6: ‘They like me, they really like me!’

EDITOR’S NOTE: For great laughs and lessons, please take a look at Steps 1-5. Hey people, Dave Addison back and guess what? Instead of my usual bitching and moaning – I actually have some good news for a change. The […]

Selling a Pilot

Step 5: “We love what you wrote – now change it”

Hey people, Dave Addison back. Remember me? The guy (who doesn’t use his real name) that happily sold his pilot to Pickaschmodeon (not its real name either) in hopes of bettering the world of children’s television with his brilliant writing? […]

Writers' room

Step 4: Being a writer is not pretty

For your reading pleasure, please take a look at Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Hey people, Dave Addison back with some revelations regarding my first batch of network notes on my pilot: 1) I wanna shoot myself. 2) They’re not […]

Selling a pilot

Step 3: Hurry up and wait

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you haven’t already read Step 1 and/or Step 2 of Dave’s exclusive series — “Selling a Pilot” — do yourself a favor and take a look before reading the latest installment. Hilarity ensues, along with some pretty priceless advice. Hey people, […]

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