“Tribeca Productions, this is Jane.”

“Tribeca Productions, this is Jane.” A large black phone with endless extensions sat before me. The small digital clock to the left of my early-issue Apple computer clicked to “9:01.” All hell broke loose. Ringing, buzzing, more blinking lights than […]

Michael Peretzian

Nobody grows up wanting to be an agent

By some twist of fate, I landed in the William Morris mailroom. I had gone to UCLA for seven years getting a BA in Motion Picture Production, an MA in the History of the Theater, an MFA in Directing for […]


Bowling with Jason Bateman and Kiefer Sutherland

I was a sophomore film student at NYU when I decided to spend the summer working in Hollywood. I wanted nothing more than to experience a professional shoot. If I was going to have a career in the business of […]

Hollywood assistant

Nine simple rules to being the greatest Hollywood assistant ever

Congratulations on getting your first job in Hollywood. It’s pretty exhilarating isn’t it? You cold-called about fifty… thousand different companies until someone finally said go ahead and send us your resume. And then after countless interviews, lots of hand wringing, […]


Relationships, luck and timing in Hollywood

The first real job I got in the “business” was being accepted into the training program at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). I started on March 2, 1990. I was on the bottom of the totem pole of 18 trainees at […]

Mouth shut

Keeping my mouth shut

I came down to Los Angeles because my dead best friend Tony directed a music video for a slightly faded ‘80s star, who had a connection to get us into the coolest Hollywood clubs, at a time when I was […]

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