scotch in business class


The best meeting I ever had in Hollywood, I actually had in Iowa. Or maybe it was Nebraska. I don’t know exactly, but it definitely didn’t involve a conference room overlooking the Hudson River or a bungalow on the Warner’s […]

Courtney Love

Living the dream with Courtney Love

Several years ago, or maybe it was a decade (who can remember), my then writing partner and I wrote a spec screenplay that received all kinds of Hollywood buzz. You know, the buzz that first time writers dream about while […]


Working with legendary filmmaker Sidney Lumet

There are those seminal moments in any career that stand apart from the rest. One of mine came in the spring of 1997. As Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services at Spelling Entertainment, I was lucky enough to work […]

Jonathan Silverman

Meeting Silverman

If Ireland is the Land of a Thousand Welcomes, then Los Angeles is definitely the Town of a Million Phone Calls. As the recipient/subject of some of said calls, I can say that despite their penchant for the chewing up and, […]

John Sayles

Meeting my hero, John Sayles

Towards the end of college I decided I wanted to be a writer. This came out of nowhere. I’d never written anything besides school term papers and if they hadn’t been assigned and required I wouldn’t have written them. I […]