ATW March 6, 2015

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Line-Up Announced: James Franco’s ‘Adderall Diaries,’ Olivia Wilde In ‘Meadowland’ & More [Indiewire]

‘Off the Cuff’ Podcast: Screenwriter Wesley Strick on Making ‘Cape Fear’ and ‘Arachnophobia’ [THR]

The Americans Waxes Nostalgic for the 80s [The Atlantic]

Kelly Clarkson on Television, Broadway, and (Maybe) Returning to American Idol [Vulture]

10 films that broke the technological mold [Cultural Weekly]

5 Best Poltergeist Movies (and More) [word&film]

After Throwing Down At The Oscars, Patricia Arquette Is Back On Network TV [BuzzFeed]

The New Canon: The 21 Books from the 21st Century Every Man Should Read [GQ]

ATW March 4, 2015

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Writer Ol Parker on Good Sequels, and Judi Dench and Maggie Smith’s 60-Year Friendship [Vulture]

Why the Movies Love Telekinetic Women, and Why We Fear Them [Vanity Fair]

Robert Christgau, Rock & Roll Radical [Rolling Stone]

22 Things You Should Know About “Switched At Birth” Star Vanessa Marano [BuzzFeed]

What Writing Has in Common With Happiness [The Atlantic]

Steve Harvey: From Family Feud to The Formula for Success [Huffington Post]

Late Pass: Nobody Told Me Jake Gyllenhaal Was My Favorite Actor [Grantland]

The Americans’ Costume Designer Jenny Gering [The Credits]

ATW March 2, 2015

Aerosmith Talk 45 Years of ‘Kicking Ass’ Onstage [Rolling Stone]

The 11 Indie Films You Must See This March [Indiewire]

Apollo Robbins teaches Will Smith & Margot Robbie art of grifting in ‘Focus’ [The Credits]

Larry King on His Love of Comedy, Jon Stewart, and Why He Doesn’t Think Brian Williams Will Ever Anchor Again [Esquire]

Then and Now: 12 Scenes From Famous Movies [mental_floss]

Who is Larry David? [60 Minutes]

NYPD using ‘Road House’ movie to teach cops how to ‘be nice’ [New York Post]

Sit Down. Shut Up. Write. Don’t Stop. [Medium]

ATW February 28, 2015

Celebrating Leonard Nimoy: 5 lessons that Spock from ‘Star Trek’ taught us [Today]

Politcal drama “Madam Secretary” avoiding polarization [CBS This Morning]

Listen to Leonard Nimoy Explain the Jewish Origins of His Famous Vulcan Hand Greeting [Slate]

Creating Emotional Brand Connections Through Music [Medium]

John Boorman: Memories of Queen and Country [Huffington Post Entertainment]

Will Forte Can’t Stop (and He Hopes That Doesn’t Bother Anyone) [Grantland]

Modern Family Shows How to Do Product Placement Right [The Atlantic]

Oscar Screenwriting Hopefuls Get Academy Boost from Prestigious Nicholl Fellowships [The Insiders]

ATW February 26, 2015

Empire’s Trai Byers: This Is Just the ‘Beginning of Andre’s Story’ [Vulture]

Lady Gaga’s Dazzling Second Act: From Oscars Diva to ‘American Horror Story’ Star [The Daily Beast]

Express Yourself: The Making of Madonna’s 20 Greatest Music Videos [Rolling Stone]

Online Content — We’re (finally) on a Flight to Quality [Medium]

The Sweet Stench of Success. [Doug Richardson]

6 Things To Know About The New ‘Cinderella,’ Lily James [Huffington Post]

On Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean’s Best Is Just Good [The Atlantic]

Evolution of a Filmmaker: A Conversation with Philippe Mora [Cultural Weekly]

ATW February 24, 2015

How the Oscars Finally Came to Embrace Activism [The Atlantic]

The Gospel of Father John Misty [Rolling Stone]

David Cronenberg on the Hollywood horror of Maps To The Stars [The Dissolve]

All Hail the Feminist Oscars: On #AskHerMore, Patricia Arquette, and NPH’s Balls [The Daily Beast]

Noel Gallagher on His New Album, Beyoncé, and How Much Money He’d Need to Reunite With Oasis [Vulture]

What Selma Got Right [Medium]

How art gives shape to cultural change [Ted]

Graham Moore: Five Things to Know About the Oscars 2015 Favorite [Us]

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