ATW Talking Points
Feb. 14, 2013

• ‘Love Is a Country’: A Heartfelt Playlist for Valentine’s Day [Huff Post Entertainment]
• I wrote my way to true love [Salon]
• A Valentine’s Day Prayer [Odyssey Networks]
• Berlin 2013: Behind the Scenes of THR’s Directors Roundtable [Hollywood Reporter]
• The 8 Greatest Love Stories of All Time [Oprah]
• Inspiring Disney Songs [Beliefnet]
• LENA DUNHAM [Interview]
• OSCARS: Film Student Takes On Studios In David Vs. Goliath Battle For Gold [Deadline]
• Happy Valentine’s Day: 10 Movie Couples We Heart [Indiewire]
• Oscars Rewind: Ben Affleck’s First Academy Awards [The Wrap]
• 20 Social Media Habits to Give Up for Lent [Mashable]
• USC Film School Raising Hollywood Profile: Fox’s Jim Gianopulos Newest To Join Board [Deadline]
• Back When Valentine’s Day Was Still Magical [Huff Post]
• Alissa Ferguson and Fernley Phillips [The New York Times]

ATW Talking Points
Feb. 13, 2013

• 10 Inspiring, Funny Quotes from Comedy’s Leading Ladies [Beliefnet]
• Working Title: May I Pitch You Just a Few of My TV Show Ideas? [The Nervous Breakdown]
• What is Your Favorite Sitcom Theme Song? [Beliefnet]
• Bryan Ferry: “I love Beyoncé!” [Salon]
• The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Moonrise Kingdom Co-Writer Roman Coppola [Vulture]
• When the Spec Script was king [Vanity Fair]
• You are here: Home / How To / Thirteen Rules for Giving Notes to Writers [Filmmaking Review]
• IW Talks to the Oscar ’13 Nominees: Michael Haneke Tells Us Why He Hasn’t Changed Despite His Compassionate ‘Amour’ [Indiewire]
• Oscar’s Oldest Nominee, Emmanuelle Riva, on ‘Amour’: It’s a Gift In the Last Stage of My Life [The Wrap]
• In His Own Words: Writer-Director Salvador Litvak Shares a Scene From His Micro-budget CineCollage Film, ‘Saving Lincoln’ [Indiewire]
• Writer Wednesday: 73 Ways To Become A Better Writer [Huff Post]

ATW Talking Points
Feb. 12, 2013

• The Stars Spill Their Secrets – and Fears: an Oscars Gallery [The Wrap]
• H. P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Aspiring Writers, 1920 [Brain Pickings]
• Fame, Fortune, and a Purposeful Life [Talking Writing]
• A Trip Through a Hollywood Studio (1935) [You Tube]
• The Red Carpet Welcomes Christian Movies [Beliefnet]
• Nicholas Sparks on Bringing Safe Haven to the Big Screen for Valentine’s Day [Huff Post Entertainment]
• Who I Am (Video — Part Two) [Huff Post Entertainment]
• Report from Sundance…. “Way, Way” Great [Patheos]
• Berlin 2013: THR’s Actors Roundtable [The Hollywood Reporter]

ATW Talking Points
Feb. 11, 2013

• Elton John Grammys Performance With Ed Sheeran: Duo Performs ‘The A Team’ At 2013 Grammys [Huffington Post]
• Words of Wisdom from Mister Rogers [Beliefnet]
• A Conversation with Racelle Rosett [Lilith]
• Mainstream Christian Music [Religion & Ethics Newsweekly]
• Grammy Nominee and Conductor Julian Wachner [Religion & Ethics Newsweekly]
• OSCARS Q&A: Michael Haneke [Deadline]
• Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Berlin: “The size of the movie isn’t so important. It’s who’s making it and why they are making it.” [Indiewire]

ATW Talking Points
Feb. 7, 2013

• Om’Mas Keith, The Chosen One [The Village Voice]
• For His Birthday, the Best of Oscar Winner Jack Lemmon [Huff Post Entertainment]
• Sundance Interview with Sarah Barnett, General Manager of the Sundance Channel [Indiewire]
• Stephen Colbert Mocks Scientology, Interviews ‘Going Clear’ Author [The Hollywood Reporter]
• ASTRO OSCARS: Astrology Predicts the Academy Awards! Part One: The Oscars Chart [Content Engine.TV]
• ASTRO OSCARS: Astrology Predicts Best Supporting Actress & Actor [Content Engine.TV]
• Interview with “The Walking Dead” Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd [Nerdist]


ATW Talking Points
Feb. 6, 2013

• 4 Business Lessons from Quentin Tarantino Movies [Entrepreneur]
• “House of Cards” and the Decline of Cable [The New Yorker]
• Songs That Lift Your Heart [Beliefnet]
• Oscars 2013: Steven Spielberg, David O. Russell Reveal Tricks of the Trade [Hollywood Reporter]
• Sendak’s ‘Brother’s Book’: An Elegy, A Farewell [NPR]
• How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes: Adam Leipzig at TEDxMalibu [TEDxMalibu]

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