ATW March 20, 2015

Development Finds: Buzzworthy online gems to #inspire, #create, #producer [ssn]

3 Steps For Bridging “The Confidence Gap” [99u]

Why “Glee” Still Matters [BuzzFeed]

‘It Follows,’ An STD Panic Nightmare, is the Best American Horror Movie in Years [The Daily Beast]

Five Ways Music Can Make You Healthier [DailyGood]

‘Broad City’ Creators Reflect on Fantasies, Hot Friends, Moving On From “Literal Infancy” [THR]

SXSW 2015: Andrew Bujalski on writing and directing ‘Results’ [The Credits]

Dirty Work [Doug Richardson]

ATW March 18, 2015

Meet Lily James, the Feminist Cinderella [The Daily Beast]

Let’s Kill the Web Series [Filmmaker Magazine]

Lawrence Wright on Scientology’s “broken community,” and the complicity of Tom Cruise and John Travolta [Salon]

The Uncensored, Epic, Never-Told Story Behind ‘Mad Men’ [THR]

40 Ways to Give Yourself a Break [Tiny Buddha]

Kristen Schaal on Being ‘the Last Lady on Earth,’ Having Fake Sex With Will Forte, and Avoiding Playing the Nosy Neighbor [Vulture]

The Technology of Music [Cultural Weekly]

SXSW: The 5 Best Things We Learned From ‘Boyhood” Post-Production Team [Indiewire]

ATW March 16, 2015

How a CAA Agent’s Living Room Became One of Today’s Hottest Music Venues [AdWeek]

You Belong to Me – The fanfiction boom is reshaping the power dynamic between creators and consumers. [Vulture]

Movies to Celebrate Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day [beliefnet]

Michael Douglas finds Judaism and faces anti-Semitism [Los Angeles Times]

Jack Kerouac on How to Meditate [brain pickings]

Toro Y Moi Is Going To Save Rock ‘N Roll Even If No One’s Asking Him To [Huffington Post]

Watch Robert Downey Jr. Turn a Kid Into Real-Life Iron Man [Vanity Fair]

The 50 Best Films Of The Decade So Far [Indiewire]

ATW March 12, 2015

The Unbreakable Jane Krakowski: I’ll ‘Grow Old’ With Tina Fey [The Daily Beast]

Sharon Stone Opens Up About Her Brain Aneurysm: “I Spent Two Years Learning to Walk and Talk Again” [THR]

“The Simpsons” wouldn’t have been “The Simpsons” without Sam Simon [Salon]

Fierce Attachments: The 11 Most Memorable Mother/Daughter Pairings [Indiewire]

Carlton Cuse on The Returned, Bates Motel, and Lost’s Legacy [Vulture]

Katharine Emmer Paid For Her Debut Film With Money She Made As A Nanny (And Got It Into SXSW) [Huffington Post]

15 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Princess Bride’ [mental_floss]

The middle of things: Advice for young writers [The New Yorker]

ATW March 10, 2015

A Q&A with ‘Maps To The Stars’ Screenwriter Bruce Wagner [The Credits]

How Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker Restored the Luster of Michael Powell and ‘The Tales of Hoffman’ [IndieWire]

Fighting Islamophobia With Comedy [The Atlantic]

What It’s Like For Ethnic Actors In [BuzzFeed]

Christopher Nolan Urges Hollywood to Step Up Efforts to Preserve Film [THR]

Your creative calendar: 71 things to do, see and hear this March [Fast Company]

Screenwriters Guide: How to get a literary agent [ssn]

ATW March 8, 2015

Ellie Kemper, Star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt [Vanity Fair]

Robert Kenner Exposes America’s Lucrative Lies in ‘Merchants of Doubt’ [Indiewire]

The Nature and Nurture of Genius: The Sweet Illustrated Story of How Henri Matisse’s Childhood Shaped His Creative Legacy [brain pickings]

Director Michelle Josue’s ‘Matt Shepard is A Friend of Mine’ [The Credits]

17 Reasons We’re Excited About Theater This Spring [BuzzFeed]

1985: The Last Great Year in Film for Younger Audiences [The Atlantic]

5 Ways to Always Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room [the muse]

Why Star Wars? [The Dissolve]

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