Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger: Unmasked

I was going to write a review of The Lone Ranger, but I am sure you have read enough of them. Perhaps we can do something a bit more positive: If it didn’t succeed, how can we learn from that? […]


Kryptonite: Superman’s true strength

Kryptonite is what makes Superman, well, super! No, not just that green crystalline stuff that is a remnant from his dying planet. The concept of Kryptonite – the weakness it creates. The struggle it engenders. The mounds and tonnage of […]


A Godfather bet: one you still can’t refuse, conceptually speaking

I’ll make you an offer you still can’t refuse, even after 40 years. After reading this, go ahead: bet someone that they can’t tell you the true concept at the core of The Godfather movies. I’ve never lost this bet. […]


‘The Shining’ and the ‘Room 237’ Code

With the theatrical release of the movie Room 237 probing the many real and fantastical interpretations of The Shining, I couldn’t resist doing some concept modeling on The Shining itself for two reasons: (1) The Shining is a good example […]


Much ado about concept

What are Film Concept Models? Based on Winston Perez’s Concept Modeling work, these are cutting edge analysis tools on the raw material or basic ideas that glue a film together; he assesses all the ideas that lie underneath the story, […]