Rearview mirror

You are what you watch

On a dark and chilly night in October, I finished up a binge-watching session of The Walking Dead and got in my car to drive to my mom’s house for the weekend. My car had been locked, inside my garage, […]


The book was better

Studios are churning out Batmans like we’re going to forget who he is in a month. I’m starting to get my teenage dystopian heroes mixed up. And someone who doesn’t speak the language could easily pick out who was going […]

Lucille Ball

Why ‘I Love Lucy’

Lucille Ball has been an inspiration to me for many reasons, beyond our shared signature red hair that even black and white television can’t dim. The idea of a female comedic protagonist has become very popular recently, but sixty years […]

Hit Record

HitRECord: Encouraging creators to collaborate

A friend once told me that there is a difference between expressiveness and creativity, and the distinction was in whether you share your work with others. Expression would be writing in a private journal or singing in the shower. Creativity […]