Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling reminds me who’s my daddy

This year, I got a call that made Father’s Day more significant than in years past. It’s 7am and my eldest brother calls from Pennsylvania. “Dad has to have emergency open heart surgery. The surgery is at 9am and he […]

Hollywood Zen

Five ways to Hollywood zen

I’m a single, independent writer/producer over 25 (be quiet) and even though I’ve been studying yoga and meditation for 20 years, participated in 4 silent retreats and lived in an ashram, I still get stressed. Yoga’s not a cure-all. Nothing is. Having a […]

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela and the power of story

The life of Nelson Mandela makes me think of the power of story. This is not a shallow reflection. Mandela’s quest for humane treatment in South Africa became real to me through film and theater. Before the films and the […]

GPS for the soul

Hollywood GPS for the soul

I keep seeing the face of Rizzoli & Isles star Lee Thompson Young. Young’s face reminds me of my godson, now 21 and an aspiring film composer. Like Young, he has a beautiful sweet smile. He was seven when The […]