Actresses with amazing bodies…of work

Sometimes I catch a movie on TCM, figuring I’ve seen it – it’s been on a gazillion times! After watching a couple scenes, I realize I’d only viewed clips over the years, but not the entire film. Guessing that’s happened […]


And the Best Procrastinator Award goes to…

Hi, everyone! How’s your screenplay? Wh-wh-mine?! Um, well, I can’t work on it ‘cause, I’ve got this journal now – Oh, you  think it’s easy? Hell, I’m aching here! Why, I – (Cue somber violin music) I know what it’s […]


I’m pissed off, scared shitless, and I need to vent

So, the back-story: I met Jerk when he directed a low-budget film and I played a zombie hooker. I’d studied acting in NYC for years and this was a last-ditch deal. Not great cinema, but I’d found a creative partner, […]

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