Gold medal Oscar actresses

Oscar Olympics 2014 (Women’s Gold Medal Final)

WARNING: Viewing any of the below “Best Actress in a Leading Role” performances may cause sweaty palms; rapid heart-rate; tissue-dabbing-related eyestrain; bloating due to excess popcorn consumption; laughter-induced bladder leakage; a chronic fear of space travel … and hyper-inspiration. And […]

Little Fugitive

My hot fugitive summer

What inspired me to act was seeing talented, gutsy artists jump soul first into their work. Those trailblazers who splashed calmer waters stirred my emotions, and their ranting or tears quelled my own rage or sadness. Many had reputations for […]

Movie posters in the sand

Summer soul-stice cinema

Okay, so, in June I posted movies to get your summer on! Films with “sun” reflected in their titles, and a few that just evoke heat-seeking vibes. Well, it worked — The U.S. is officially in burst-the-mercury mode. Perhaps it’s […]


Hot & steamy cinema

If you’ve lived around the U.S., you know how seasonal change affects one’s mood. Don’t get me started on appetite and complexion woes!?! So, how do residents who rarely see south of 60 degrees experience the opposite feeling? What about […]


Even more actresses with amazing bodies . . . of work

This week I’m finishing my series with actresses whose films entertained, inspired, and affected the 1980s–2000s. (In some cases, yet further back!) Each of these women has future projects: movies, television, and stage work. It was tough getting the list […]


More actresses with amazing bodies…of work

Last week I wrote about actresses whose performances impacted films from the 1940s-1950s. This week I’m celebrating those with films made in the 1960s-1970s. (Believe me, there are others I’d love to include, but I had to set limits!?!) Okee-doke, […]

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