Oscars Men all stars

The Oscar Bowl 2015: Men’s All-Star Team

Well, if the dungeon’s a rockin’ – Y’all come knockin’ — cause it’s 50 Shades of Oscar!!! Gee, I’m giddy just anticipating all the potential craziness! Like, which actress will beat the red carpet presenters into submission? What if some […]

Oscar actresses

The Oscar Bowl 2015: Women’s All-Star Team

Welcome to the Oscar Bowl a.k.a. the Super Bowl for movies! These events should prove to be nail-bitingly, nerve-wracking and full of fun! Just pull up a comfy chair and crack open a buffalo wing. Oh, it’s exciting – so […]

Alfred Hitchcock

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock

Hip-hip-hooray – It’s Alfred’s lucky day!!! (Well, not exactly, but if he were present, we’d be so much luckier ’cause he was a cinematic genius, witty, super inspiring.) Anyway, Happy B-day to iconic director, Alfred Hitchcock, who gave us thrills […]

August directors' birthdays

My wild night of filmmaker inspiration

Last night my pal Amy and I were out walking, when it started to pour. We darted into a joint called Fight Club – the kind of tavern we’d typically avoid. Boxing gloves dangled from the ceiling and there was […]


Birthdates of the film greats

Okay, last night I had this trippy dream I was at a café sipping a thick black beer, and heard someone pull up a chair. So I’m peering Through a Glass Darkly and as I set down the sludge-filled mug, I’m […]

Oscar olympics

Oscar Olympics 2014 (Men’s Gold Medal Final)

Come watch thespians in their natural (and sometimes Botoxed) state on their ultimate quest for Oscar gold – Lifting our spirits with each muscle flex as they compete for recognition, a possible HBO deal — and even more glory than a Wheaties box — a […]

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