Leonard Nimoy: More than Spock

Just about 30 years ago, I had just finished a film for Disney — my first feature film as a First Assistant Director called Stakeout. As with most films, it was an exhilarating but exhausting project. I was looking forward to […]

Scary hands: Horror survival guide

The horror movie survival guide

Of late, I’ve been producing, among other genres, a number of horror movies: Chernobyl Diaries, The Crazies and the hit ghost story, The Conjuring. I’ve realized that should you find yourself in the middle of a horror movie, there are […]

ABCs of producing

Z is for zoom

Zoom. A good way to wrap up this series that for me has spanned a completed production, two reshoots and an intensive pre-production. Zoom. Think about it – it’s probably one of the best sounding words in the business. That […]

Y is for Yes

Y is for yes

Y is for yes. Basically the power of the word yes. One of the most useful guidelines is learning how to say yes — which in reality means learning how not to say no. Now every situation can’t always be […]

X is for excess

X is for excess

X Factor, excellence, exceptional, exonerate or even Excedrin headache #42 are all possible variations of this week’s category: X. I feel one of the more important areas to discuss – especially this week – is excess. I remember very early […]

W is for wish fulfillment

W is for wish fulfillment

Wish fulfillment – a term coined by Sigmund Freud in 1899 for his seminal work on psychoanalysis in The Interpretation of Dreams. Though Freud saw wish fulfillment stemming from unconscious desires manifesting themselves in dreams, the drive of most movies […]

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