Radio microphone

Aural awesomeness: A guide to the brave new face of public radio

It’s impossible to put your finger on it exactly: the moment it became clear radio would need to change, or die a quiet death. The birth of the MP3? The moment an audio jack came standard in all new vehicles? […]

8 famous people

8 famous (to semi-famous) people actually worth admiring

Living and working in L.A., in the entertainment industry specifically – you get pretty jaded when it comes to being star struck by celebrities. Tom Cruise? Hey, how you doing? Sean Connery? Howdy, handsome. Newman from Seinfeld? He goes to […]

Matthew Courtney art

Matthew Courtney and the Steps to Nowhere

In the lower part of Manhattan in the neighborhood of Soho near the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets is a small metal staircase that leads to Nowhere Not nowhere exactly, but rather specifically: into the side of a J. […]


NYC redux

I sat in my window seat, somewhere high above the Midwest, wondering if I had made a terrible mistake. What exactly did I hope to achieve by returning to the city where I had spent perhaps the loneliest years of […]


Self Google-ization

We’ve all done it. Just admit it. You’ve Googled your own name just to see what comes up. If you’re like most people, the first things that appear are your Facebook and Twitter pages (if you participate in such things), […]


Tasty tales from a softcore crafty

If someone had told me that just one month after I would sell my first pitch to a major motion picture studio, I would be working on a porn film . . . I would have told them they were […]

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