Art is cheaper than therapy

Don’t get me wrong, I like therapy just as much as any daughter of a social worker. But sometimes, having a creative outlet that is all your own – something that has nothing to do with work or money, or […]

Hollywood writers

Hollywood writers writing about writing

To a writer, there is nothing more difficult than writing. For many of us, it’s like that one true love who breaks our heart over and over again – but each time, we come back for more. Nothing gives us […]


The Impossible Polaroid Resurrection

Those of us who grew up in any decade before the 90’s, remember the ritual that was considered ‘instant photography’ in the pre-digital era: The wildly inaccurate viewfinder The sound of the camera pushing out a single square of strange-smelling […]

Public radio

What the heck is public radio, anyway?

I’ve been working in public radio for about 7 years now, and I often take for granted people understanding what that actually means. When I worked in the movies business as a “D-Girl,” people often thought I was talking about […]

ESPN 30 for 30

How ESPN changed my life

I am not, nor have I ever been, a sports fan. In elementary school, I was consistently picked last in kick ball and eliminated first in dodge ball. In high school, I cut P.E. class even more often than 1st […]

carton of apples

There’s no crying in Old Hangtown

The human mind is an amazing, beautiful thing. Until something goes wrong, and then it is shockingly cruel, unfair and relentless. It wasn’t until I actually tried to do the math, that I realized it had been 10 years since […]

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