Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire: Long live rock ‘n’ roll

Arcade Fire, The Forum, August 2, 2014. Quick. Name three current, “non-catalog” rock ‘n’ roll bands that can sell out an arena (i.e. a catalog band would have its music played on classic rock stations like KLOS 95.5 – think […]


In The Valley Below – a duo to keep your eye on

In The Valley Below, Sayers Club, June 4 I’ve always been a sucker for the boy-girl onstage dynamic – I can’t take my eyes off the palpable tension between the sexes. The Buckingham/Nicks soap opera on “Rumours” still resonates. I […]


Am I one of those boring hipsters?

There I was . . . sold-out show. Bootleg Theater in Filipinotown. Hot, new UK band Alt-J was headlining and nothing but global Armageddon would prevent me from seeing them perform in the flesh. I’m a music supervisor and part […]