green mustang car

Goodbye to The Green Hornet

It was five years ago that we found my grandmother collapsed in her bedroom. She had an internal hemorrhage and slipped into a coma. Even now it is difficult to think of her as critically ill or weak. She was […]


The stars in our eyes

So, I’m sitting here with stars in my eyes. I’ve just spent the last few days across the mic from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, William “Bootsy” Collins. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. The bass legend […]


At the end of the day in wonderland . . .

Okay . . .  it’s been a typical Mela whirlwind, dreams at the speed of life, roller coaster month. In the past two weeks I was at a film festival (hung out with my uber talented friends James Kyson and Gary […]


Deadlines, long lines, time lines & smile lines

It’s been one of those whirlwind weeks. Tuesday, I was over at Sony doing ADR/voice work on the last episode of the season for House of Lies (with pitch perfect performances from the whole cast including friend Josh Lawson, who […]


My Grammy hangover with Rihanna & The Lumineers…

So, as far as Cinderella stories – I’m definitely in one of them. Let’s see, in just the past 8 weeks… I got back from a tour of Australia/New Zealand. One of the largest management firms in Los Angeles began […]


Knee deep in delicious

Five years ago I was sitting at a fancy desk with a cool title knowing for the first time in my life, my parents were proud of me. I also knew that for the past three months, I hadn’t been […]