Broke actress

Ten rules for being a broke actress in the city

1. Wake up at 5 am in order to put your name on a “cattle call” audition list by 6 am, in the hopes of getting seen earlier than the majority of the 400 other people auditioning. Crawl down 8th […]

Reading on subway

Harry Potter and the Fifty Shades of Hunger Game of Thrones

So I’m currently obsessed with Game of Thrones. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “So is everyone else on the planet, that’s old news.” But I would like to at least make a pass that I am reading the […]


Do you hear colors?

Things I find endlessly fascinating: Bubble wrap. Pictures of baby sloths. Justin Bieber’s tabloid antics. Harry Potter analysis theories. The human brain. Lucky for you, I’ll be talking about the last one. Or maybe not lucky for you, if you […]

Musical soul

Musical theatre saves souls

Last month, I wrote about how musical theatre is underrated in today’s world and that everyone should try to go see some. But this month I wanted to expand on that. Musical theatre is not only part of how I […]

musical theater

Musical theatre: Stop reading this and go see some

Well, okay, finish this article first, and then go see some. Music is incredible, isn’t it? But seriously… it’s amazing. Think about it – technically, it’s just sound waves at varying frequencies and durations; patterns of pitches, rhythms, dynamics. But […]

Hot air balloon

Specificity, and also a million other things

I have never really been good at devoting my focus and energy to one thing at a time. On a larger scale, at least. If I’m working on a certain project or something with a deadline, I will get it […]

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