Not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten

I watched Good Will Hunting last night. I hadn’t seen it since it first came out in 1997. To think that the very young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote this as their first movie is amazing. I realize I […]

Safety on the set

Your life is worth more

The events on the train tracks in Wayne County, GA, February 20, while filming the Gregg Allman film have been weighing heavily on me. I have a hard time calling it an “accident.” I know that no one meant to […]

pin drop

Committing the ultimate Hollywood sin

I was casting a TV pilot a few years ago and one of the roles was described as an “Old World Hollywood agent. He even wears a pocket square in his suit jacket.” All of the lovely actors who came […]

working together

This advice will change your life

I want you to re-frame the way you’ve been thinking about meetings and auditions. I’ve been reading a lot of comments to my articles and blogs using the phrase “the other side of the table” when referring to the Casting […]

Women in white dancing

I get nervous too

I’ve been casting movies and television for over 30 years. I’ve cast some of the most iconic and successful movies around and worked with some of the best directors, producers and screenwriters. Yet, every time I start a project I […]


Can the casting office test your concentration?

Whenever I’m casting a movie and working with actors I marvel at their sheer concentration. To be able to create a believable character and a “world” around you in a small audition room is always a miracle to me. When […]

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