Ty Burrell

Kids In The Spotlight

Ten days ago, the most vulnerable kids in L.A. County became the most invulnerable as they stepped into the spotlight, thanks to the Kids In The Spotlight charity event. “It was upsetting to watch but I’m very happy to share my story. […]

PJ Shapiro

P.J. Shapiro: Hollywood’s advocate on a quest for peace

It’s 1:00pm on a Thursday, close to the end of another hectic week at arguably Hollywood’s most powerful entertainment law firm, Ziffren Brittenham. I’m sitting with P.J. Shapiro, Ziffren’s co-managing partner. We sit in his top floor, corner office in […]

Sexpert Emily Morse

Sexpert Emily Morse is on a mission to help the world have better sex

My first impression of Emily Morse was that she is just a slight little thing with wild long curly brown hair. She emanates that “best friend” vibe. Emily is the kind of girl you want to watch countless episodes of […]


Sleeping with the Dalai Lama

I adore my father. He is a doctor and an intellectual. He tells the best jokes, he listens to you and he is a great teacher. He is known for his calm demeanor and immense empathy. My father is fantastic […]


Losing our religion (and journalism)

When I was a little girl I worshipped Lois Lane. Not the 50’s version Lois Lane but the 1978 Margot Kidder version from the movie Superman with Christopher Reeve. I was so inspired by Margot that I got bangs and […]