Bruce Springsteen

My night with Bruce Springsteen

My white JERSEY CITY t-shirt was tight on me, the rust-colored satin letters stretched snugly across my ample chest. Bruce was looking straight at me, leaning across his shiny guitar, strumming the soul-infused chords to “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out,” his […]

Mike Tyson

Party time with Mike Tyson

When my son Boaz was about 10-months-old, I took him to a party one Sunday afternoon at the Malibu beach house of a big Hollywood agent. I didn’t know the agent, but a friend had invited me and I went […]


Tori Spelling and me, nanny-free

It was a sunny July day in 2007 and I was working as a reporter for Us Weekly when Boaz, my 10 month-old boy, and I pulled up to the Malibu beach house to interview Tori Spelling. She’d given birth […]