Life work balance

Working in Hollywood: What’s the cost of life-work balance?

Back in February of this year I remember following the stories about Marissa Mayer, newly appointed CEO of Yahoo, banning working from home. One of her first executive decisions was to change the company’s telecommuting policy. It was followed up […]

Fourth of July

Happy Birthday America! Grandma loves you!

My mom always says she doesn’t know why she has such creative children. Obviously it’s from her mother, my grandmother, Frances Riechers. Fran or grandma, as everyone knows her, has never pursued the arts professionally, although she’s been known to […]


‘Devious Maids’ and the Eva Longoria of it all

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, a controversy has erupted leading up to the premiere of the new Lifetime show Devious Maids executive produced by actress and activist, Eva Longoria for Lifetime television. The buzz hasn’t been […]


Hollywood and the death of journalism

When I was in high school I was the editor of my high school newspaper, The Rampage. I was planning on studying journalism in college. I took the written word, particularly in newsprint, very seriously. I read up on journalistic […]


There is no contest when it comes to inner beauty

If I had a dollar for every beauty pageant pitch I heard over the past year, I’d only have about $10 but still that’s a lot of folks focused on wanting to highlight this particular subculture. As I watched these […]


What does it mean to work in the Latin market, really?

Making a transition from film to television a few years back wasn’t a conscious decision. It just happened like it has happened to so many of us film folks. So far I’m enjoying the world of television. I made a […]

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