Portland photo collage

The real Portland(ia)

Many sites, newspapers and magazines have voted it as one of the ten best cities in the country and it’s even inspired a popular IFC show, Portlandia. So, I decided over the New Year holiday to check out this trendy […]

Floyd Mayweather

Don’t fight the power of words

It’s a new year and a new way of thinking. Or so many of us tell ourselves this in order to look forward to brighter days and greener pastures. By March, often times these resolutions are abandoned or completely forgotten […]

Holiday gift

My humble gift: Advice to aspiring screenwriters

Since it’s the holiday season and I hate shopping, I’m giving gifts that don’t cost much and don’t require me to leave my house. As part of my gift giving I’m ending my first year of blogging with such type […]

Dirty dishes in sink

I can’t cook like Nora Ephron

As a longtime fan of the late great Nora Ephron, the one thing that never really resonated with me was her love of cooking. I understand admiration for a person doesn’t mean you need to love or even understand everything […]

Courageous woman

Artistic warfear

It was Saturday night and I was exhausted but still had more to learn. Tired from a long two weeks of business travel, coupled with quite frankly terribly exciting personal engagements. I facetiously told my friend that night as I […]

American & Mexican flags

A tale of two Hispanics

My dad, Raul Gomez Ramirez, once said to me, “Mija, you can bring a bull to water but you can’t make him swim.” I was already in my twenties when this happened and had become accustomed to my father’s second […]

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