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Father Greg Boyle: How his Homeboys are healing our community

Last summer, after my mother passed away and in between development and producing jobs, I started volunteering as a GED tutor at Homeboy Industries. While my time there has been brief, it has been impactful and revitalizing. Homeboy Industries serves […]

winner trophy

And the winner is…

In Hollywood, competition is not only a given, it’s a journalistic directive. Actors, writers, networks and movie studios are objectified in headlines like race horses, to be met with newfound glory or retired to greener pastures. As industry participants, we […]


Nancy O’Dell, natural-born storyteller

With Internet gossip sites popping up faster than Starbucks, the legitimacy of the entertainment journalism field proves more questionable than in years past. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nancy O’Dell, the Emmy Award-winning entertainment journalist known for […]


My love affair with talent

During a visit to San Francisco last year, I went to see my college friend Rob’s new opera. The opera was called Love/Hate, and played out the initial encounter, ensuing courtship and demise of a relationship. As I took a […]

Photo courtesy of Lisa Ullmann

Image is everything

When you go from making a healthy six figure salary to unemployment, you get resourceful, quickly. In some ways, the obvious restrictions make life simpler. No more shopping, no more Groupon purchases (mine never get used, anyway), no need to […]


Hopeless is the new fabulous!

I’m an independent producer who most recently completed overseeing three seasons of an animated series on HBO. And I am going to tell you a secret: I’m unemployed. Sure, I could just stick to the “independent producer” story, and share […]