‘The Hollywood Pitching Bible’: How a meeting works

The producer sits behind her elegant, deco-style desk skimming through a spec script when the intercom buzzes. “Your 10:30’s here,” her assistant says. The producer looks at her watch. 10:52. Frowns. “Okay, get me a time-machine,” the producer mumbles. “What […]

Hollywood pitching bible

‘The Hollywood Pitching Bible’: Introducing main characters

“My story is an action film about the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant on the eve of World War II. The Nazis are looking for the Ark because it’s supposed to have supernatural powers. The FBI sends […]

Hollywood pitching bible

‘The Hollywood Pitching Bible’: The way of the pitch

I was four minutes in and I couldn’t breathe. My voice was getting weaker and weaker. The two women on the couch opposite me were trying to maintain their poker faces, but I could see the fear creeping into their […]

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