Movies and marriage

Three things action movies taught me about marriage

Action movies are supremely satisfying. They are also incredibly helpful instruction manuals on how to maintain a healthy marriage. If you’re looking for romance this Valentine’s Day, cue up these three and get ready to fall in love again. Total […]


Forgiveness is overrated

About a month ago, I was offered an incredible job opportunity to teach at one of the best schools on the West Coast. They absolutely loved me, and our philosophies of progressive education were perfectly matched. Working there would position […]


The Book Widow

Recently I tweeted . . . Dinner date with husband tonight. Huge treat to be in the same room without one or both of us sleeping and/or working. #modernmarriage And it’s true. One of the hardest things about this industry […]


She said: Nine years

I recently came to the realization that I started trying to get pregnant nine years ago this month. It is hard not to feel defeated when I realize that I have spent almost an entire decade putting time, money, and […]


Why I came to Hollywood…she said

It is not remotely unreasonable to say that divine intervention brought me to Hollywood.  Or fate.  Or even just gut instinct.  All I know is that a few months after separating from my first husband, in the midst of an […]


Sundance virgins –
part I

Because of the way Sundance is organized, nobody knows what has been selected until just a few weeks before the festival.  By the time anyone realizes what’s going on, housing is already booked and there is a mad scramble to […]