Better with age

My mother turned 69 the other day. She was upset about that. She explained, with distress, that she was feeling her mortality. I thought my mother was 66. Or 65. Somewhere in her early sixties. I hadn’t kept track. She […]


Ode to the producer

I am about to go on record, revealing top secret information. When I’m found out, my punishment will be swift and merciless. I don’t blame them. No one wants the world to know this kind of thing. But I’m counting […]

Heart flower

My heart will go on (don’t worry, it’s not that song)

As the proverbial lazy days of summer wind down, I realize how the season deceives us. Going into it, we make all kinds of ambitious plans. Why not? We’ve got nothing but time and motivation. No homework deadlines to enforce. […]


Ballad of a bad ass

I grew up in a place where people are unselfconsciously friendly.  Where the pace at which you move through your day is the opposite of frenetic.  A place where pretty much everyone’s day starts and ends the same time and […]


Keeping score

I’ve been in the film and TV business for more than 20 years, so you’d think the first idea that would pop to mind for a blog would be visual.  I’d think that, anyway.  But somehow, I’ve gone straight to […]