Window washing

The Windex factor

I wear glasses. I eat a lot of potato chips. I haven’t seen anything clearly in years. My glasses are in various states of opacity throughout the day. But the funny thing is, I usually don’t even notice until my […]

Just do it keyboard

Just do it

Writing is hard. Not an earth-shattering revelation, I know, but true all the same. And even harder than writing, is beginning to write. Just starting to write can be a monumental task for me. I spend much of my time […]

camera man

Love at first gripe

Some Hollywood love stories are front and center for the world to see like Brad & Angie, Hepburn & Tracy and of course Kermit & Miss Piggy. But there are other Hollywood love stories just as epic, just waiting to […]


Want is a four letter word

Perhaps it is the perfect storm-like convergence of life events in the last month (moving into a new home, major script deadlines, New Year’s, and my 40th birthday – whew!) but I have begun to notice a particular phrase popping […]

Asking for money

What’s your story?

His name was Sam. And he changed my life. Leaving the Ringling Bros.’ Christmas Spectacular Circus, my family and I had to go through the Atlanta underground to get to the MARTA (our train home). I cradled my prized tiger […]

Syd Field

Thank you, Syd Field

For Thanksgiving, I was going to write a piece about all of the wonderful mentors I have been so grateful for over the years… but with the unexpected passing of one of them last week, I decided to make this […]

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