A freshman at 40: Finding my voice…again

I make a living doing what I love, and often times work only a few hours every day. Yet what I do is fraught with so much peril for my particular brand of psyche that I’m teeming with anxiety the […]


Hollywood’s secret exposed

I have a voice. Which is good because I do voiceover work for a living. But I also have a voice when it comes to mental illness. If you don’t know my history, quick logline: after three suicide attempts and […]



I have good news and bad news. The good news is: I got The Jeff Probst Show job! The bad news is: I lost it. Normally, people don’t lose jobs in midair, before their jump for joy hits the ground. […]


Me and my big mouth

The only times I actually remember what I’ve auditioned for is when I really, really want the job, or if I have a psychic flash. Last week, I had both. I talk for a living. Specifically, into a microphone. It […]


The Dark Knight and my failed suicide

I wish I could offer a riveting review of “The Dark Knight Rises,” but I can’t. We walked out. The film, having debuted to death, had already prompted a strong reaction in me. Should I even go? Did attending TDKR […]