‘Today, Father, is Father’s Day’

Not everyone has a father who showed films in their living room while growing up, to a roomful of invited guests. I don’t mean we had a screening room. This was in a large, rambling, West End Avenue apartment, north […]


What’s wrong with remakes?

Let me get to my point – nothing is wrong with remakes; we’ve been remaking films almost as long as we’ve been making them! What makes a remake special or timely is when it captures something of the zeitgeist of […]


Will he know what this is regarding?

A Radio Play in One Act RING, RING. ASSISTANT Little Pisher Agent’s Office. Please hold. HOLD MUSIC PLAYS ASST Yes, who are you holding for? JC Hello, this is Julia Chasman calling for Little Pisher. Is he available? ASST I’m […]


HBO’s Accidental Feminism

With last night’s finale of the second season of Girls, and the Enlightened season finale still resonating in my mind, I’ve been thinking more and more about the characters from both shows. The upcoming new season of Veep is only a few […]


Was 2012 a Hollywood Golden Year?

Harvey Weinstein is the first to have said publicly what I’ve been thinking for a while now: that 2012 may have offered the best group of films from a single year since — 1973? 1960? 1939? Now that the Oscars […]