Long road

The myth of overnight success

After 20+ years in the mainstream entertainment industry, most of it as a hiring executive, and 5 years as the writer of an entertainment career website, Your Industry Insider, I released a book called Breaking Into the Biz: The Insider’s […]

Locked door

What I learned my first day in showbiz

Even though I studied Broadcasting & Film and was aiming for a career in entertainment, I kind of stumbled into the industry in what, at the time, was an unlikely place: Minneapolis. But my first day in showbiz, I learned […]

ferris wheel

9 sources of strength and sanity in an uncertain industry

In my job as a hiring executive, my work with my alma mater, and through my website, YourIndustryInsider.com, I interact a lot with young people who are just starting out in entertainment. It can be a very intense time. For […]