Hollywood love songs

The 20 most unforgettable Hollywood love songs

We all know Hollywood has spurred some serious love stories through the years, but it’s often the theme songs from those films that add impetus to the story itself – and in more than a few cases, are the best […]

Michael Giovanni

From the streets to ‘The Wire’

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Michael Giovanni of Harrisburg, PA, was working at a shoe store in the mall when two guys walked in. Giovanni noticed a small crowd gawking and pointing, but was un-phased by the onlookers. This […]

Paul Newman

Remembering Paul Newman

It’s been five years since I heard the heartbreaking news. The rumors were true after all: Paul Newman had succumbed to cancer at his home in Westport, CT. Paul Newman was bigger than anything that could ever been written about […]