Romantic movies have it all wrong

For much of the country – those of you that aren’t tyrannical Valentine’s Day atheists – the month of February is supposed to represent love. What we think love is. I never cared much about Valentine’s Day. When I was asked […]


Spoiler Alert

It used to be when you didn’t want someone to spoil something for you that you took your phone off the hook. Nowadays, you have to stay off-line, plug your eyes, turn off your phone, avoid television, read no blogs, […]


NFL football is ruining the television industry

NFL football is ruining the television industry. Sure, ratings for games have never been higher. So, naturally, it just makes a ton of sense to put Thursday night games on primetime for half of the year, right? You’ll watch it. […]


When in doubt… lie

There are more “experts” in Hollywood than probably any other profession in the known world. I should probably explain that if sarcasm font existed, the above would be bolded, underlined and italicized in it. When I’m not writing (or surfing […]


Good notes and bad notes

Dear random Hollywood person who reads scripts and gives notes, I have been working “in Hollywood” since 2007. Not counting those four internships that I did while in college. I got really kick ass at copying scripts and making coffee. […]

Robin Williams movies

To the man who made us all laugh

I wasn’t going to write about Robin Williams. In fact, I wrote a bunch last night and then deleted all of it. But as I awoke this morning, I couldn’t shake that this whole tragedy was really affecting me. And […]

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