Oscar voting

Raise the bar with Oscar

The stage is set. Anticipation blows through the Hollywood Hills as strongly as the Santa Ana winds. It is both much ado about nothing and everything, all wrapped up into one tidy package of hype-machine. But, just as every good […]

Mother's day flowers and candy

Mother – Hollywood’s secret weapon

Mother’s Day is a day of flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards. Mother’s Day is a day to take your mom out to brunch. But what a mother really wants is for her kids to be happy and successful. For those of […]

Red carpet

Fade in: Oscar week in Los Angeles

Oscar week in Los Angeles is when the thick air that hangs over the city lifts ever so slightly. It’s a subtle atmospheric change, a subliminal one — but Angelenos feel it and know it. And, if actors and film […]

Take the stairs

Take the stairs

This morning, I came across a quote by Jennifer Lewis that resonated deep inside. “The elevator to success is broken. Take the stairs. Work hard for your success and it will last.” All too often, I feel like that mouse […]

Empty audience

Tell your story, find your audience, connect the dots

I am jonesing to be in New York right now and to be able to attend the Future of StoryTelling, a conference about new creative ways and technologies to communicate stories. As a connoisseur of independent film and a casting […]

Handshake over a heart

Rewind and be kind

In Hollywood, it is always easier to get a “no” or a “pass.” Hollywood can be cruel and unkind to new writers, actors and anyone who doesn’t have the right in. Most companies won’t accept unsolicited material and agents and […]