Greg Strause

Hydraulx’s Greg Strause: An entrepreneurial spirit

Greg Strause is the CEO and co-owner of Hydraulx, an award-winning visual effects house that has worked on numerous blockbuster films, including 300, Avatar, X-Men, Fast & Furious, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, along with many commercials and music videos. The […]


Fox TV Studios’ David Madden: Art v. Commerce

I met David Madden about a decade ago when I was a VP at State Street Pictures at Fox. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and are currently in the process of selling a show together.  He is the President […]

Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies: Art is the highest form of worship

I got a chance to catch up with Daniel recently at home when he came back for one of his usual twenty-four hour weekend visits with the family. Daniel and my husband did an NBC pilot together years ago and […]

Matt Czuchry

‘The Good Wife’s’ Matt Czuchry: The mind, body, soul perspective

I met Matt Czuchry about a decade ago, around the same time I met my husband. They became close friends after taking acting classes together. What I love about Matt is that he is so genuine. He is authentically who […]

Neal Edelstein headshot

Neal Edelstein: Fine-tuning a new storytelling and distribution mechanism

Neal was a producer on Mulholland Drive, The Straight Story and The Ring. Most recently he started Hooked Digital Media where he just launched the popular Haunting Melissa app that combines Hollywood horror filmmaking, long-form structure and the unique distribution […]


Jaime Murray’s ‘Defiance’: ‘be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn’

There is a lot more to Jaime Murray than meets the eye  . . . of course, she is gorgeous. And yes, she is currently starring in the new SyFy series Defiance (she is also well-known for her arcs on […]

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