From Mr. Rogers to Mr. Blonde

The crew was set up in a magnificent sunroom across from a magnificent marble staircase in a magnificent 19th century mansion. The subjects we were to shoot – a hip English professor and his eager class at Brown University – […]

Executive handshake

Hollywood skin care secrets

Years ago, I was producing an independent TV series funded by European money when the mega-powerful founder of a huge U.S. television company – I’m talking his-name-at-the- top-of-a-20-story-building powerful – approached us about buying into it. It seemed like a […]

Old castle doors with knocker

How to fail in Hollywood…

…and keep ignoring it. A successful producer friend of mine likes to tell people my writing partner and I are an inspiration. “Yeah?” I fluttered when she first told me that, my chest puffing like a pigeon’s. “Yeah,” she continued. […]