Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio: King of our world

There are thousands of women and men out there who have been calling Leonardo DiCaprio an angel, ever since he held Rose’s arms out at the bow of the Titanic. Just ask the millions of animals, species of plants and […]

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s love is louder

If you had started your career when you were barely old enough to do up your own shoelaces, how do you think your life would look by the time you were 21? Demi Lovato danced with a purple dinosaur called […]

George Clooney

Celebrities and their secret lives

Everyday our TVs, radios, twitter feeds and conversations are filled with the latest celebrity gossip: “Singer caught with drugs at airport,” “Movie Star cheats on husband who has baby with other woman,” “Model puts on 5 pounds,” etc. But is […]

Lady Gaga or me

Lady Gaga or me?

Little known fact about me: I have been engaged for nearly five whole years. My rather active dating life could seem to be slightly confusing considering my official relationship status. My fiancé Lucas is beautiful in every way! He was […]

Looking down the mountain

Stop, turn, reflect and celebrate

Have you ever gone for a hike up a mountain and were so focused on putting one foot in front of the other, not having a heart attack and making it to the top that you didn’t stop, look back and celebrate how far you had already come? For too many of us that is how we live our lives. We are so hell bent on bigger, flashier and better that we forget that right where we are today was once our vision of bigger, flashier and better.


More to the performance than meets the eye … or ear

Have you ever watched an actor in a movie, TV show, play, or video game and thought “I could do a better job than that?” If you are a performer and you are reading this – I know you have! […]

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