Robert Kouba directing

Robert Kouba: The future of Hollywood

A few years ago, while shooting a film in NY, I was asked to jump in on a lead role in another film. Their “name” had suddenly fallen out, and I was recommended by members of The Actors Studio. It […]


Are you going to accept that?

We all hear humiliating things from time to time, right? Too often, we’re tempted to accept it. But if you want to be successful in Hollywood, and in life, you have to be careful who you listen to. If someone’s […]


Find somebody bigger

The entertainment industry is tough on everyone. People often ask me where I find the courage to keep walking through those doors. In order to understand how I keep going, you’d have to look at my childhood adventures, and the […]


All I want to do is change the world

Deep breath.  About to step onto the stage of the famous Actors Studio and face Academy Award winners who will evaluate my work.  That would make most actors pause.  My buddy Charlie Dierkop, a star in his day, looks at […]