Ida Lupino: Why Hollywood is still ‘On Dangerous Ground’

“I used to be the poor man’s Bette Davis. Now, I’m the poor man’s Don Siegal.” In reality, she was a true original: writer, actor, director, producer, at a time when no one in Hollywood had the balls to hire […]

Val Lewton

Val Lewton: Why his films fueled my childhood nightmares

I will never forget the scene in The Leopard Man where a young girl is sent out to get corn meal for her father’s dinner. Using only two eyes seen in the darkness, the roar of a passing train, chiaroscuro […]


‘Low Down’: A daughter remembers her flawed father

A.J. Albany’s Low Down – A remarkable writer remembers jazz great Joe Albany, her loving but flawed father who inspired her. One of the very first jazz LPs I ever owned was The Right Combination, Joe Albany with Warne Marsh. […]

The Wire

‘The Wire’: Real po-lease

The Wire is more than the finest TV show I’ve ever seen. It is a creative achievement which reminds me of reading the best series of crime novels, such as Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins collection. It can only be fully […]

Scrooge - A Christmas Carol

The irony of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’

Perhaps it’s strange that an atheist (99.9% – I allow for Charlie Parker) should love A Christmas Carol so. I grew up devouring Charles Dickens, and he remains one of my favorite writers to this day. Two films which I […]

Michael Kitchen

‘Foyle’s War’s’ Michael Kitchen: the best actor you’ve never heard of

“My name’s Foyle, I’m a police officer,” is how Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle usually introduces himself in each episode of Foyle’s War. With the entire world at war, with the fabric of British society ripped apart — women working […]

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