TV movies

How TV movies saved my life (and the world)

As described in Part 1 — “How TV movies saved my life” — I have spent the past three decades making TV movies in hopes of educating and, perhaps, enlightening audiences. Perhaps it may come as no surprise then that […]

LGBT movies

How TV movies saved my life

This past May, HBO aired The Normal Heart. Based on a play by Larry Kramer and inspired by his own experiences as an AIDS activist, the story describes a group of gay men who were involved in the very early […]



One of my father’s favorite mottos was “Think too long, get it wrong.” Granted, my father was not a contemplative, philosophical man and he got it wrong fairly often. Nonetheless, he taught me the power of iteration. What is iteration? […]

blurred lines

Kevin Spacey, blurred lines, Po-Ho and storytellers

For the past week, Kevin Spacey’s speech at the Guardian Edinburgh Television Festival has gone, as they say in new media parlance, viral. To his credit, Spacey makes a number of interesting points not least of which is describing the […]