Plastic surgery chin

Chin up: Why I chose plastic surgery

I stared at the phone number in my hand, debating whether to pick up the phone. Finally I did it. A matronly sounding woman answered. “Hi, I’d like to make an appointment for a consultation?” “Sure, let me get some […]

Chin plastic surgery

I had plastic surgery . . .

. . . and I’m not that girl. In deciding whether to confess to the title of this post, my biggest consideration was that when I scoped the Internet on the lead-up to The Big Slice, I couldn’t find a […]


To the Hollywood Class of 2013

This ain’t no college commencement address. Because I’m not talking to the graduates. Your Hollywood class is comprised of everyone who just left his or her old life and is moving to Los Angeles to begin anew. That’s what commencement […]


He still likes to squeeze my butt when I walk by naked

After the hoopla surrounding Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic Monthly article last summer, I started to panic. Was it true? Had I been sold a bill of not-so-goods? Could I really be a writer and a mother at the same time? Man, […]


Kathleen Kennedy produced my student film and didn’t even know it

I graduated the Peter Stark program at USC in 2003 with an MFA in motion picture producing. But it wasn’t until months after my formal film education was complete that I learned the most important lesson of my career: It’s […]

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