Things I Did Write

Write and wrong

The first time I almost got staffed on a TV show was in the spring of 2006. My fiancée-at-the-time and writing partner and I were still playing assistant-by-day/writer-by-night superheroes. It was a strange moment of purgatory in our lives that […]

Dara and Chad

Confession: I slept with my work husband…

… who’s also my husband. But how that happened requires a flashback of sorts: It’s August of 2001, I crash my brand-new Jetta on my way across the country in Yellowstone Park. I guess that’s what happens when you give […]

John August screenwriting

The John August school of screenwriting

I’ve attempted to write this post several times now. It’s been a little like writing a letter to a high school crush. The old Jim Croce lyric keeps ending up in my head, “Every time I tried to tell you, […]

The Muppets

Cancer, The Muppets and me

I’m staring out the window of my parents’ Cadillac Seville. “Crash Into Me” is on the radio again. I’m picking at the threads of my cut-off jean shorts and imagining I’m in a music video. I’m not in my body. […]

definition of forgive

The Daze of Awe

Unless you’re living under a rock in Runyon, you know it was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, this past Thursday. We are now in the midst of the Ten Days of Awe, in which us Jewish Angelenos are supposed […]

Artistic collage with unicorn, rainbow, kitten, telephone headset and breakfast sandwich

The agent wears Prada

She was Not Meryl Streep. I was not Anne Hathaway. But she did wear Prada while all I could afford was Express. And when I placed her usual breakfast on her desk, she sneered at it: “What’s this?” Oh, only […]

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