I’ve recently been gifted more responsibility than ever at work. My daughter is reaching an age where she verbally demands more of me, and is disappointed when she doesn’t get it. My free time is limited and valuable these days. […]

social media

I heart social media

I used to have a love-hate relationship with social media. While I enjoy the ease of keeping in touch with old friends and colleagues, I’m leery of the false selves we project on the Internet. I find we lose time […]


Making the cut

So, we did it. My husband-and-writing-partner and I got through the water bottle tour of staffing season, the intensity of our first writers’ rooms, the multiple round of notes on our first script, and finally the grueling hours of our […]


You’re all set!

In the fall of 2007, my husband-and-writing-partner and I began production on the first episode of television we were ever asked to produce — an episode of Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies called “Bitches” about a polygamist dog breeder (played by […]

First teleplay

The write way

The first full teleplay my husband-and-writing-partner and I were paid to write was for a delightful show we were honored to be a part of called Pushing Daisies, created by the inimitable Bryan Fuller. The first few months in the […]

Writers room

What happens in the room stays in the room

In the first post of this series, I talked about 2006. The year my writing partner/husband and I almost-but-didn’t-get-staffed. It sucked. But we didn’t give up. And in January of 2007, Mark Goffman, a writer for whom my husband had […]

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