Mom flowers

Why I spell strength & inspiration M-O-M

I’ve always been a bit of a mama’s boy. It’s the stereotypical Jewish mother/son relationship I guess. Eat, laugh, guilt, hug, repeat. My mother is the source of my sarcasm and humor, and as an English teacher, she always pushed […]

love keyboard

How technology has ruined romantic comedy

Remember the good old days when to find one’s lost soul mate, a character had to scour the earth on this grand romantic voyage with nothing but a wisp of hair, a charcoal drawing and a childhood memory? Now, they […]

Austin Film Festival

Inspiration, motivation and brainstorm Botox at the Austin Film Festival

Sometimes all you need to keep going is a little creative rejuvenation. A little brainstorm Botox. A writer’s reset button. And that’s exactly what I found in Texas last week at the Austin Film Festival. It was an enjoyably exhausting […]

Stan Winston's creatures

The greatest Hollywood meeting I ever had

I usually don’t like discussing specific meetings I’ve had as it sounds like bragging or name dropping, neither of which I really enjoy doing. But there are a couple meetings I’ve had over the years that stand out for me. […]

On your own timeline

Living and writing on your own timeline

Currently, both my best friend and my younger sister are pregnant. That makes (no exaggeration) … 22 friends in the last 24 months to get pregnant or have babies. So this made me think of some advice that applies to […]